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Zachary Finnegan Trumpet Artist-Musician



"Zachary, your passion for not only the arts but building true and genuine connections with people shines through. Creatives will take away a lot from listening to you, and I appreciate the abundance of grace and empathy that you shared." 10/1/22


~ Steph Pham, Pop Nerd Lounge Podcast



“When you hear Zach Finnegan, you will love his sound, feel and presence.  When you meet Zach Finnegan, you will be charmed by his gracious, honest, and warm demeanor combined with a contagious smile and a generous joy for life. When you discover how dedicated Zach Finnegan is to serving his community, you will realize how very special he is: as a musician and a messenger for good in our world. I certainly experienced all of the above when I met him last fall. I am proud to call Zach Finnegan a trusted friend and colleague.” 5/17/17


     ~Matt Wilson; Grammy Nominated Professional Freelance Musician/Educator/Composer/Bandleader


"Zachary Finnegan is the new standard for the 21st century musician. Not only is he a master of his instrument, but is a visionary composer and arranger, steward to his community, and fervent entrepreneur."


     ~John Porter; B'town Jazz Organization President


“I have worked with Zachary Finnegan multiple times over the past two years and always enjoy the opportunity. Zach is a great person to work with all the way from negotiation to show. His professionalism on and off the stage would make any venue manager happy. When it comes to negotiating, Zach knows the value that he and his band brings to our stage. Zach possesses impressive negotiation skills, self awareness and respect of our budget. He was 20 the first time I worked with him and conducted business like a seasoned working musician. Zach's ability to keep the crowd engaged is something to note as well, especially since our typical crowd aren't really "jazz people". On top of it all, Zach is very personable and is always down to trade Wynton stories. I like that.”


    ~Taylor Greenwood;  Stone Arch Talent Buyer, Mile of Music Talent Buyer, Entrepreneur, Founder of


“Zach is the total package – a great trumpet player, a creative improviser, a unique composer, and a consummate professional in everything he does.”

     ~John Raymond; Downbeat award-winning trumpet & flugelhornist, IU Jazz Trumpet Professor


"Zach is a consummate professional with chops, taste, and rhythm; all the things a great musician needs."


    ~Jim Alfredson; Professional Freelance Musician, Organissimo, Hammond Artist



“Zach is an imaginative musician and polished trumpet player. The honest and dedicated presentation of his music makes him both easy to work with and a joy to listen to.”


    ~Bennett Heinz; Manager at Schilke Products



 "Zach is one of those rare special students who seem to have the entire skill set for being a very successful performer.  He is always joyful, entrepreneurial, highly motivated, ambitious without being off-putting, and he connects with his audience musically and personally."

    ~Brent Turney; Associate Professor of Trumpet, Chair of Music Department, Chicago Jazz Orchestra, Broadway in Chicago, Maynard Ferguson and Aretha Franklin Horn Section


“As a young jazz artist, Zach’s playing is mature well beyond his years. His lines are colorful, filled with creative phrasing and note use. I make it a point to hear him at every opportunity."


    ~Patrick Phalen; Professional freelance musician, Hip Pocket Music Manager

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