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Crossroads Quintet Intertwined Front Cover
Clint Breeze and The Groove Endtime Overture
Crossroads Quintet EP Meeting Ground
Miro Henry Sobrer Two of Swords
Jack Greenwood Zachary Finnegan
Sound School Zachary Finnegan
Brandon Whyde Zachary Finnegan
Starlite Lounge Zachary Finnegan
Omnos Quartet Live at Daly's Zachary Finnegan
Liz Composey Zachary Finnegan
Emmitt james Zachary Finnegan
"Clint Breeze and The Groove have crafted a compelling document for these times, a soundtrack filled with tears, frustration, anger, and sorrow.”
DJ Kyle Long
"A telling indication of where jazz is at the moment — and where it has come from."
BMA Magazine
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